In-Depth Workshop with Chad Hamrin - deepen your practice

Freitag, 7. September bis Sonntag, 9. September 2018

Twisting and Turning

Anmeldung – ‘#1 Twisting and Turning’

Fr, 7. September 2018 (15:30 – 18:00 Uhr)
Did you ever think about what made a twist a twist and not a turn. Kind of like a Parsva vs. a Parivrtta. Parsva means side/flank, Parivrtta means to revolve. Most people do a turn to the side and not a twist. So let take a look at the difference.

Wrists,Elbows,Shoulder’s ,Upper Back and Neck

Anmeldung – ‘#2 Wrists,Elbows,Shoulder’s, Upper Back and Neck’

Sa, 8. September 2018 (13:30 – 16:00 Uhr)
So there is always foundational work that must be done to have a safe, intelligent, mindful practice. This workshop will give you deeper understanding of how the upper body is relative to the lower body to create an energetic relationship to the spine. The feet, knees and hips workshop should be taken as well.

Feet, Knees and hips

Anmeldung – ‘#3 Feet, Knees and hips’

So, 9. September 2018 (10:00 – 12:00 Uhr)
Again this is a foundational workshop that gives an anatomical and energetic relationship with the lower body to influence the spine and the lower diaphragms to create space and and ease and open the breath . Bands workshop is suggested.

The seriousness Of Forward Bends

Anmeldung – ‘#4 The seriousness Of Forward Bends’

So, 9. September 2018 (13:30 – 16:00 Uhr)
Forward flexion could be hip openers, groin openers, and obviously hamstring work. Can be done seated, standing or inverted. In any case one must consider the safety of the scare-lumbar area, upper thoracic, not tearing or pulling any muscle groups, keeping a quiet mind and an even breath. Satya and Ahimsa come to mind.
We will go as far as we can with the time we have. Please come, it’s a start, even if you think you know all there is to know.

About Chad:

After over 40 years of study and practice with many, many, many teachers, I’m still amazed at the depth of the journey. I teach from a place where there’s a

journey open to all, called life. Yoga helps us to be more open and present in our journey. I teach to simplify and to hopefully inspire each student to be open to their own journey, open to both the struggles and the joys, and to find a place of deep gratitude instead of perfection. I don’t really have a style, I have

a practice, and it becomes intuitively presented through the teaching or sharing. One doesn’t really teach someone something; the art is to create a circumstance that they get. That’s the joy, a connection to something deeper that they have found.

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Modulbuchung ‘#2 Wrists,Elbows,Shoulder’s, Upper Back and Neck’

Modulbuchung ‘#3 Feet, Knees and hips’

Modulbuchung ‘#4 The seriousness Of Forward Bends’

Termin: Fr, 07.09. – So, 09.09.2018
Ort: Yoga Studio City, Amiraplatz 3, 80333 München
Kosten: 299,00 EUR (kompletter Workshop), 79,00 EUR (pro Modul)
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