Digital Detox mit Cherryl

Digital Detox

mit Cherryl Duncan

21.01.2018 im Studio Lehel

We all know what our devices can do for us, but do we know what they do to us? Technology
today is literally reshaping our brains and our mental and emotional capacities. 

As yoga practitioners we’re interested in raising our consciousness, not decreasing it, we
need to know how technology is affecting the ability to cultivate a truly fulfilled and engage life. 
In this
Workshop, you will get to know some of the scientifically proven effects technology addiction is having on you and your loved ones. You will also be given some practical exercises to help overcome the compulsion to spend so much time on your devices.

In this two hour workshop, Cherryl will lead you through some practical tools to help create healthier habits around the use of your device, as well as lead a fun and intense dharmaKaya yoga practice focussing on reducing the symptoms of ‘Tech Neck’ – expect shoulder opening and back bending sequences to open the heart and as a result, your vision!

A Few Facts about technology addiction:

  • A drunk driver is actually safer than a texting driver
  • A stoned worker is more productive than one who is trying to get the same task done
    while multitasking
  • 89% of American adults said that they took out a phone during their last social
    interaction and 82% of them said that it deteriorated the conversation
  • We are losing our ability to have empathy, which poses an ethical issue for society!
  • People report greater difficulties with in-person socializing. Making eye contact is
    becoming a huge challenge for many people.
  • We are becoming a multitasking culture due to an abundance of technologies and
    devices, but it is actually damaging our productivity and the quality of our work!
  • The human attention span has fallen from an average of 12 seconds in the year 2000
    to just eight seconds today. 

As a freelance yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and author, a lot of my work is done from my laptop and phone on the go, and I was shocked to learn how many hours a day I spent on my devices and how little time I was spending nurturing real life relationships, how much less time I spent doing the things I love like reading actual books, taking long walks , meditating , listening to music (just listening), walking through cities (just walking) to name just a few and more shockingly how much more productive I could be if I could use my devices with more awareness.
So I put myself to the challenge and created some very useful guidelines that have now become my rule book which has made me much more productive, much more engaged in my life plus I even find myself having extra time!! I’ve even started writing another book – it’s almost like I’m rediscovering the world again. It sounds radical, but I know I’m not alone. 
This workshop is designed to share with you what I’ve learnt and bring you along for the ride.
Let’s get real, let’s go more analogue. – Cherryl Duncan

Cherryl Duncan has been inspiring change for over 10 years. An internationally trained and recognised teacher of yoga, eastern philosophy and a catalyst for authentic living and expression, Cherryl created her own method of yoga called dharmaKaya. After years of teaching as an 800 hour Advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, Cherryl refined her own style to include the 12 years of study in other fields such as Tibetan Buddhism, Western Philosophy, as well as the close and brutal study of her own psyche.
dharmaKaya yoga was born in Munich, Germany, where Cherryl teaches a regular schedule and teaches others the method where licences are granted to teach the method on an international scale.

Termin: Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018
Kurszeiten: 14:00 – 16:30 Uhr 
Ort: Yoga Studio Lehel, Robert-Koch-Str. 13
Preis: 45,00 EUR

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