Polish up your primary Vol. 4: Upside down!

Finishing sequence and inversions with Asta Caplan on September 23th at Studio Lehel

The purpose of this fourth theme class on the primary series is to take a closer look at the
correct vinyasa of the finishing sequence and repeat some of the themes of fluidity of the
practice. This class is also a great chance to find a new perspective by literally turning
everything upside down. We will work our way through to one of the most profound
postures in any asana based yoga practice: Śīrṣāsana (headstand). This asana brings
together qualities of meditation, subtle movement, alignment, strength, flow and focus.
With the acquired understanding we work our way towards arm-balancing, with the more
advanced students a handstand.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who’s been practicing Ashtanga yoga regularly for
some time, up to intermediate (2nd series) and even advanced students. The experience
of Ashtanga method is helpful and recommended but not absolutely required for a student
to take this class.

The participants are encouraged to bring any questions about their individual practice
concerning the covered topics into this class!

Termin: Sonntag, 23. September 2018
Kurszeit: 14:00 – 16:30 Uhr
Ort: Yoga Studio Lehel, Robert-Koch-Straße 13, 80538 München
Kosten: 39,00 EUR
Anmeldung: zur Buchung
Weitere Informationen: workshop@patrickbroome.de